Listing - sellers can list their cotton online for international inspection using a simple, user-friendly electronic for logistical movement of cotton provided if required; from gin, to warehouse, to port, to ship.
Warehousing - through extensive contacts, quality warehousing can be arranged.
Insurance - advice on seeking insurance at competitive rates.
Market information - up-to-date information on cotton, market trends, analysis of the international market.
Securing buyer - access to a worldwide network of leading buyers of Australian cotton built up over years of continuous business relationships.
Bank contacts - advice on various international payment options and liaison with banks to facilitate transactions.
Arrange shipping - access to strong business relationships with leading international shipping companies.
Arrange documents - convenient handling of all documents required for international sales, banking, and customs clearance and AQIS.
Confirmation meeting - clear and timely follow-up to ensure open understanding of commitments and agreements.